In Memorium

“Working hard just comes naturally to everyone here. Our culture of mutual respect breeds personal excellence. The end result for clients is delivering the best possible work, and never giving up until solutions are discovered. For me, that means paying attention to the details of the business to help steadfastly support both our clients and our staff.”

Sonia Martinez

Sonia’s five-year battle with cancer sadly ended in November 2016, but Sonia will forever be a part of BCC. When Sonia Martinez joined BCC Engineering in 2006, the staff consisted of a cadre of bright and ambitious engineers, a receptionist, and her – the sole administrator. As the firm has grown from that small group to a full-service firm, her role as Chief Financial Officer had also expanded. As one of the company’s earliest leaders, her sharp thinking and dedication to excellence have helped to distinguish the firm’s distinct character. Running the daily operations and responsible for the overall financial management of the company, Martinez handled financial reporting, audits, and internal controls. She also oversaw human resources and shared responsibility with the leadership team for interviewing and hiring staff. Highly organized and attentive to details, Martinez confidently approached every day as an opportunity to continually improve and advance the firm’s prominent reputation. Whether she was developing new processes to improve company efficiency or working with multi-disciplinary teams, her leadership helped to position BCC Engineering for success into the future.

We will miss Sonia immensely.