Jose A. Muñoz, PE

President & CEO

“We work relentlessly to ensure BCC Engineering achieves clean, innovative, and cost-effective solutions, while always striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Jose A. Muñoz

As president and a principal/co-owner, Jose A. Muñoz, PE guides the day-to-day operations of BCC Engineering, with his principal partner, Ariel Millan. As a company leader, he is continually focused on the future of the civil engineering industry and the strategic course that will guide the firm successfully through the next decade. Muñoz understands that building the best foundations today – whether through BCC’s highly effective recruitment skills or the creation of innovative solutions for challenging infrastructure projects – will ensure that BCC Engineering is positioned for continued success.

His signature style is that rare combination of innovative engineering and calm, forward-looking, leadership skills. Muñoz is a highly regarded proponent of the design-build process, which requires an intensely collaborative spirit to bring contractors and engineers together to solve complex design and construction challenges.

Since 2006, Muñoz and Millan have been hand-selecting the BCC Engineering team of creative, dynamic experts in the diverse field of transportation engineering. Muñoz understands that individuals working in silos don’t accomplish great things in business, and BCC’s team-led approach is recognized as one of the industry’s finest. Their ability to identify the right people and match them with the right career position has contributed to the firm’s impressive success, internally and externally.

Muñoz is a member of the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers and the Cuban American Association of Civil Engineers.

Guiding, leading, and trusting his highly skilled team to provide critical thinking and big ideas while being the architect of the firm’s consensus-building approach – that’s Jose A. Muñoz.