Georges El-Gharib, PE

Structures Division Manager

“I am honored to be a part of the winning team at BCC. Since starting at BCC, I have been provided with the opportunity to work on several types of key transportation projects in Florida. At BCC, I am involved in all phases of bridge projects from planning to design, including conventional and design/build, to construction. The professionals at BCC make me feel welcome in their family-oriented atmosphere and I am proud to be surrounded by highly skilled bridge engineers.”

Georges El-Gharib

Georges El-Gharib, PE, leads BCC Engineering’s Orlando Structures Department. Georges possesses substantial experience in bridge design, bridge rehabilitation, bridge load rating, and miscellaneous structures throughout the state of Florida. He serves as a Project Manager, Project Engineer, and Engineer of Record on numerous new bridge design and bridge rehabilitation projects.

Georges has experience working on all types of new bridges from the flat slab, Florida Slab Beams (FSB), Florida-I Beams, AASHTO girders, continuous steel plate girder, and continuous tub girders. He is highly experienced in load rating in-service bridges and one of the projects he is proud of is load rating 236 bridges for the Florida Turnpike in an eight-month period.

During his Master’s degree at UNF, Georges conducted two research projects including the Empirical Deck Design and the Early Age Deck Cracking for FDOT Central Office.  His finite element analysis of the Empirical Deck Design method contributed to FDOT allowing this deck design method as an alternative in its Structures Manual.