Anthony Jorges, PE

Senior Vice President of Transportation Operations
Ft. Lauderdale

“Question everything. That’s our starting point for developing the best solutions. Having spent my entire career at BCC, beginning when I was in college, I’ve been trained to never accept the status quo. Talk it out, think it through, talk some more, and then the collective light bulbs go on.”

Anthony Jorges

Anthony Jorges, PE, was a sophomore in college when he began working at BCC Engineering. In this unique environment, he was mentored by the partners and given the opportunity to bring his ideas to the table in collaboration with seasoned engineers. Over the years, he finished school, became a registered professional engineer, and had his hands on the biggest projects at BCC. Anthony has worked his way from student to teacher, now serving as a key leader in the firm. As Senior Vice President of Transportation Operations, Anthony coordinates with the client, contractors, and sub-consultants. In prototypical BCC fashion, he is engaged in projects from the very beginning. His intimate knowledge of his projects allows him to be immersed in the details while having a broad and deep understanding of his work.

Anthony leverages critical thinking skills with a like-minded team who are driven to the firm’s higher standards; always seeking solutions that make the most sense for the client, and disinterested in doing what’s easiest. Whenever the team can save a client money without any loss in functionality, they do so, but never at the expense of quality. In many cases, this approach has saved BCC’s clients millions of dollars.

Working in synergy with firm engineers and partners, without limitations based on years of experience or titles, Anthony Jorges epitomizes the distinct characteristics that set BCC Engineering apart from the competition.