Utility Engineering

Working across all major markets, developing comprehensive, adaptable, and resilient water and sewer solutions that safeguard human health.

Access to reliable water and sanitary sewer services is integral to human survival. From public projects to commercial centers, major developments demand efficient utility solutions. We offer a diverse range of utility services, from water system design and wastewater treatment to neighborhood improvement projects, sanitary sewer pump stations, and water facility design.

We provide a diverse range of utility engineering services, including water and sewer solutions for new and existing systems. From advanced modeling to final execution and reporting, our comprehensive approach leaves nothing to chance. We take the time to understand the condition of existing assets, operational costs, and environmental considerations in order to provide the best recommendation. We create custom water and sewer solutions that meet operational, regulatory, environmental, and funding objectives.

At BCC Engineering, our experts are experienced in all aspects of utility engineering. Our complete range of utility services includes detailed planning, design, permitting, and construction management.

Our utility and engineering solutions include, but are not limited to:

— Water main design
— Sanitary sewer gravity main design
— Pressurized sewer main design
— Complete neighborhood improvement
— Sanitary sewer pump stations
— Booster pump station design
— Chlorination stations
— Structural support and design
— Water reclamation
— Trenchless technologies

Our Experience