Water Resources

A diverse range of water management services and development solutions, from stormwater management to master plan development, and floodplain management.

Our Water Resources Team has extensive experience providing a diverse spectrum of professional Water Resources Engineering services to municipal, county, state, and private clients that address current and future challenges related to flood protection, sea-level rise, groundwater rise, resiliency, and water quality impacts.

BCC’s highly skilled engineers work across all major markets, developing comprehensive, adaptable, and resilient solutions that safeguard human health and the environment. BCC also uses the latest state-of-the-art analytical tools and sustainable Best Management Practices (BMPs), to provide flood control, water quality improvements, and implement resilient and adaptable stormwater management systems. BCC is committed to partnering with our clients, to provide engineering solutions that effectively deliver, manage, conserve, and protect our precious and future water resources.

Our water resources services include, but are not limited to:

— Stormwater Management Master Plan Development
— Stormwater Infrastructure
— Flood Plain Studies & Mapping
— Capital Improvement Plan Development
— Sea-Level Rise & Resiliency Studies
— Watershed Studies
— Drainage System Analysis & Design
— Low Impact Development Master Planning
— Blue/Grey Infrastructure Analysis and Design
— Drainage Feasibility Studies
— Bridge Hydraulic Analysis
— Scour Counter Measure Design
— Integrated One Dimensional (1D), Two Dimensional (2D), and/or Groundwater Modeling
— Water Quality Modeling & Best Management Practices (BMPs) Analysis
— Environmental Resources Permitting
— National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting & Annual Reporting
— Regional Stormwater Facility Design
— Stormwater Management System Maintenance Plan Analysis & Development

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