William Garcia, PE

Director of Construction Services
Ft. Lauderdale

“I believe we’re a rising star in this industry. Known for our propensity for large, complex projects, BCC Engineering is a competitive and highly qualified engineering company. Our rate of growth has been phenomenal thanks to a team of brilliant minds driven to serve clients with uncompromising standards.”

William Garcia

William Garcia, PE, as a senior project manager, leads BCC Engineering’s Construction Engineering and Inspections (CE&I) practice. Garcia and his team are advocates for a project’s owner, such as the Florida Department of Transportation and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. The team also provides construction engineering and inspections for private clients and local governments.

Garcia and his team scrutinize the project from every aspect, at every stage, to guarantee conformance to all plans and specifications. They administer the contract from materials and certifications, through ongoing inspections and closing out the jobs.

Joining BCC Engineering in 2008, Garcia’s previous work experience spanned both engineering and construction, from working for a general contractor while in college to designing roadways and drainage early in his professional career. This exposure to different engineering disciplines and learning the business side of contracting makes Garcia a well-rounded engineer with a broad knowledge of design criteria and requirements.

This serves him well in the field. His design background helps him uncover issues and resolve them at a job site. Although his primary role is that of a construction engineer, he’s well equipped to advise clients from a design perspective. His broad-based CE&I experience includes limited access roadways and urban reconstruction projects. Each has its nuances and particular requirements, all of which Garcia understands well.

One of the industry’s most seasoned veterans when it comes to design-build, Garcia has worked on design-build projects since the concept was first introduced in the industry.

With the diverse professional background giving him an edge in understanding projects and finding solutions, Garcia continues to advocate for clients and advance jobs with utmost precision.