Luis Rodriguez, PE

Chief Financial Officer

“Our work is extremely demanding, which is also what makes it so professionally rewarding. We push ourselves to master the technical aspects of projects, strive to always get it right the first time, and take our responsibility to deliver high-quality work seriously.”

Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez, PE, joined the firm in 2006 when BCC Engineering was relatively small. Now, as the firm continues to grow into a recognized industry leader, Rodriguez considers his role two-fold. His technical expertise is essential as the firm tackles intricate and multifaceted projects. And he also partners with others throughout the firm to help develop ideas and contribute to the design process of nearly every major project. His involvement guarantees that clients benefit from his scrupulous attention to detail at every opportunity.

Rodriguez has extensive experience in highway, transportation, and civil engineering design. He provides leadership, guidance, and direction, especially in assignments involving intricate engineering analysis and design. Along with his technical expertise, Rodriguez prides himself on a client-centered approach that permeates the firm.

Keeping an eye on project timelines and BCC’s commitment to be financial stewards with client budgets, he ensures that BCC Engineering meets the demands of today’s most critical projects.