Erik Spillmann, PE

TEO Division Manager
Central Florida

“The use of technology to improve our lives is a founding principle of human civilization. Adopting Intelligence Transportation System (ITS) into our transportation infrastructure adheres to this principle. With ITS including connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, we see the potential of maximizing our transportation systems, drastically reducing accidents and fatalities, reducing travel time, in short improving our lives.”

Erik Spillmann

Erik Spillmann, PE as TEO Division Manager, leads BCC Engineering’s ITS practice.

While relatively new to BCC Engineering, Erik brings extensive expertise in all facets of ITS. Erik developed a strong working relationship with BCC Engineering and was impressed with BCC Engineering’s quality of work and the aggressive pursuit of advocating for their clients. When the opportunity presented itself, it was only natural that he joined the BBC family.

Erik and his growing team offer years of experience in ITS design, be it conventional design or design-build projects. They are experienced with large ITS freeway design and Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) designs, as well as small replacement designs. Our ITS staff experience is staying ahead of the technology curve and has gained hands-on experience in Traffic Adaptive Systems, Intelligent Parking Systems, Big Data Analytics, Connected Vehicles, as well as other new applications.

In addition to design, the group offers ITS CEI, System Engineering Management, TSMO Planning, Communication Systems Design, System Integration, Testing and Debugging, and Training of personnel. The ITS staff also offers experience in system application development and testing.