Ariel Millan, PE

Executive Vice President

“We strive for excellence no matter the job size. We look at every project as an opportunity to forge life-long relationships with the client. We also recognize every project has unexpected twists and turns; that’s just the nature of our business. Our ability to be fearless in responding to challenges is what sets us apart.”

Ariel Millan

As executive vice president and a principal/co-owner of the firm, Ariel Millan, PE, sets the day-to-day trailblazing pace of the firm. It’s an approach and business philosophy that demonstrates a leadership style others want to follow – and do business with.

Aligning his team with equally-focused business partners, Millan is confident that the firm’s success is enhanced by the partnerships forged with companies who embrace BCC’s values. As a full-service provider, the Firm regularly takes the lead on major projects assuming full responsibility for all aspects of the job; something that Millan fully promotes throughout the company.

Trust is earned over time; that’s why consistently winning repeat work from clients is the greatest validation that the “BCC brilliance” matters. Building on that trust, and discovering ways to give clients exactly what they need, if not more, has become BCC and Millan’s doctrine.

Since 2006, Millan and Muñoz have been involved in the selection of every professional at the firm. They know potential for brilliance when they see it. A combined knack for identifying talented engineers who display invaluable intangible qualities has created a team of the industry’s most focused and capable professionals. Millan mentors his staff to develop their own project perspective, and they work as a team to achieve notable outcomes.

Having managed more than $2 billion in projects throughout the state, Millan boldly takes calculated risks to recommend solutions others may not have even wondered about. His portfolio of engineering successes, combined with investing in the people around him, sets him apart as a sought-after industry leader.