SungRyong Han

Planning Division Manager
Central Florida

“In other companies, you sometimes navigate several layers of management when making important decisions. Not here. I have direct access to the firm’s owners, so I know I can make a decision quickly, or go straight to the top to get an answer. That’s why we’re so flexible and responsive, and our clients love that about us.”

SungRyong Han

SungRyong Han, or “Han,” as clients and co-workers call him, is considered the industry’s guru for travel demand modeling. As BCC Engineering’s Transportation Systems Planning Manager, Han has perfected the science of transportation systems modeling and planning analysis.

His dedication to continuous education, including two Master’s degrees, and ongoing leadership in his profession, keeps him at the forefront of advances in technology in his field. His work is critical to helping guide clients toward informed transportation planning decisions.

Han’s extensive experience in state-of-the-art travel demand modeling and application development includes leading the team that converted Florida’s statewide transportation models to Citilabs’ Cube Voyager software.

At BCC Engineering, Han is responsible for long-range transportation planning, corridor planning, freight studies, geographic information system (GIS) projects, and support of Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) studies and traffic engineering studies.

Ensuring technical integrity with a lightning-fast response to clients, Han is regarded as best-in-class in delivering an unprecedented level of expertise for traffic and transportation planning needs.