Planning a large project demands vision, innovation, and experience. From the wide-ranging scope and scale considerations to intricate scheduling and budget details, it’s important to define every element of your project and tailor the planning study based on the community nature and culture.

BCC’s Planning Team utilizes a variety of simple to complex models and a highly analytical approach grounded in best practices to establish consensus for the innovative solutions we develop to address the needs of the communities we serve.

Whether it’s helping our Clients prioritize the pressing transportation needs of a community, building consensus on transportation solutions through effective stakeholder coordination, developing innovative solutions to address those need or, conducting a rigorous evaluation of those solutions, the BCC Planning Team’s comprehensive approach to transportation planning has proven time and time again to be integral to the high level of success on many consequential transportation projects in Florida and beyond.

BCC has a lengthy and well established track record of successfully providing planning and traffic analysis support for project development approvals to a diverse client base, which includes the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), counties, municipalities, and private sector clients.

Our project planning services include, but are not limited to:

— Travel Demand Modeling - Developer
— Project Concept & Feasibility Analysis
— Toll Facility Traffic & Revenue Analysis
— Growth Management
— SIS Facility Evaluation
— ITS Deployment Analysis
— Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
— Project Development and Environment (PD&E)
— NEPA Coordination and Documentation
— GIS Application Development
— Traffic Impact Analysis (Site Development Support)
— Traffic Circulation Analysis
— Parking Accumulation Studies
— Corridor Planning Studies (Management of Study Performance of Key Tasks)
— Safety Analyses based on historical data and applying Highway Safety Manual Procedures
— Interchange Access Requests (IMR/IJR Study/IOAR)
— Corridor Planning Studies Support and Alternative Corridor Analysis (ACE) Studies
— Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) Screenings
— Local Agency Programs Support
— Application and Project Management
— Traffic Operations Analyses

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