Lorin Brissett, PE

Planning Division Manager
Ft. Lauderdale

“Tenacious, ambitious, inventive! These are qualities that undergird BCC’s unrelenting commitment to be that consummate partner to all the clients we serve. There is no issue too small that escapes our sensitivity and no problem too insurmountable that we can’t find a way to solve. With over two decades of stellar work, dedication to our clients and community; we build on that legacy while striving to be a beacon of excellence, developing innovative transportation solutions for these times.”

Lorin Brissett

Transportation planning and project development are among the early critical phases in the project delivery process for public and private transportation projects. They are important precursors to the success of the more visible phase of designing for construction which when taken together, comprise the core services that BCC provides to its Clients.

Lorin Brissett joined BCC in a leadership role to augment the Transportation planning and project development capabilities of the firm. With a strong background in transportation planning, traffic operations, and safety, he has provided project management on major planning projects for FDOT, municipal clients, and the private sector. Lorin and his team have also provided critical support to the BCC Design teams in helping to vet the efficacy of design concepts developed in regard to the relief of traffic congestion they provide.

His goal is to continue to build the firm’s transportation practice into a formidable force providing innovative and insightful service to a diverse group of public and private sector clients.