BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

BCC was selected to design and permit approximately 6,770 linear feet of 8-inch ductile iron (DI) water main interconnecting with the existing water main system and providing future service connections. The project also included the installation of 9 fire hydrants, consistent with County requirements and standards, and 84 (primarily residential) water service lines to abutting properties. These system upgrades improved the drinking water quality and fire protection in the residential area.

The project area was primarily residential lying within the City of Miami in a neighborhood known as Silver Bluff. The existing water services were 2-inch, 2 ½-inch, and 3-inch lines that ran within the public right-of-way and connected to distribution lines that ran along rear property easements. Many of the properties were served by backyard meters; however, some properties had meters along the frontage that needed replacement.

BCC Engineering’s design services included utility coordination and verification that the proposed water mains and services were not in conflict with the existing underground transmission and distribution lines as well as other utilities including gas, telecommunications, and electricity.

Silver Bluff - Neighborhood Improvement

As part of the Building Better Communities Bond Program, this project sought to provide water main upgrades for an area that was served by undersized mains in existence for over 50 years.

Services Provided:

Utility Engineering


Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department


Miami-Dade County, Florida