BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

BCC Engineering prepared an Alternate Water Supply (AWS) plan using population projections thru 2030, tied to the expiration of the City’s Consumptive Water Use Permit.  The modification addressed the timing and need for construction of future water wells that would withdraw water from the Florida Aquifer instead of the Biscayne Aquifer.

Under our existing continuous engineering professionals services contract, BCC was tasked with assisting the City in planning and engineering services to update the Alternate Water Supply (AWS) Plan as well as other updates to the 10-year facilities work plan. BCC’s Scope of Services included data collection, updating population and water demand/consumption projections thru 2030, and modification to the existing AWS plan.

City of Lauderhill’s 10-Year Water Supply Facilities Work Plan Update

This project was executed under a General Engineering Services agreement with the City of Lauderhill. BCC was tasked with assisting the city with planning and engineering services to update their Alternate Water Supply Plan.

Services Provided:

Utility Engineering


City of Lauderhill


Lauderhill, Florida