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BCC was responsible for conducting a two-phase study to investigate improvements to reduce congestion in and around the PGA Boulevard Interchange with I-95.

Interchange Justification Report: BCC Engineering prepared the Interchange Justification Report for the I-95 Interchange with Central Boulevard in northern Palm Beach County.  This was a challenging project due to the proximity of the existing adjacent interchanges, (less than 0.5 miles and 0.8 miles), a constrained regional roadway network, an adjacent County Park, and potentially a limited benefit to the Interstate system. In addition to documenting that the project met the required FHWA policy points, BCC was able to successfully demonstrate that the interchange was justified predicated on improved regional mobility. This involved conducting a comparative analysis of 25 concepts and conducting a complex systemwide analysis of several constrained intersections and intervening regional facilities within the area. The IJR documented a demonstrated savings of 1.4 million hours of delay annually after construction of the new interchange. FHWA accepted the Interchange Justification in November 2015.

Project Development and Environment Study: Upon achieving FHWA Acceptance of the IJR in November 2015, BCC successfully prepared a Type II Categorical Exclusion for the interchange.  The PD&E Study built upon the public outreach initiated with Palm Beach County and the City of Palm Beach Gardens during the IJR, and swiftly moved into the alternative analysis.  Due to the thorough analysis conducted as part of the IJR and the continuity of the project team, BCC was able to achieve Location Design Concept Acceptance for the PD&E study within one year. FHWA approved the PD&E on November 28, 2016. As part of the PD&E study, BCC broadened the analysis to include not only the Tight Diamond Urban Interchange concepts advanced from the IJR, but also two variations of a Diverging Diamond Interchange.  The study also included: a Section 4(f) Evaluation associated with adjacent Palm Beach County property planned to be a park and City of Palm Beach Gardens property currently used as a park and a Tennis Center, Section 106 Consultation, and an Endangered Species Biological Assessment. The Recommended Alternative was a Tight Diamond Urban Interchange with a Collector-Distributor roadway between Central Boulevard and Military Trail to the south.  The project continues under development.

I-95 at PGA Boulevard PD&E Study

BCC was responsible for conducting a two-phase study to investigate improvements to reduce congestion in and around the PGA Boulevard Interchange with I-95. Phase 1 of these services included preparation of an Interchange Justification (IJR) Study for a new interchange at Central Boulevard and I-95. In Phase 2 BCC conducted a PD&E study to develop and document impacts from the recommended alternative while conducting stakeholder coordination.

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Florida Department of a Transportation, District 4


Palm Beach County, Florida