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US 231

Roadway Project Engineer Julie Tom discusses the US 231 project.

We’re closing in on final plans for the second half of our US 231 job in Panama City, Florida.  This reconstruction job features over 7 miles of four to six-lane widening.  It was always intended to be let as two stand-alone projects and after the devasting effects of Hurricane Michael in 2018, the City of Panama City asked for a completely new concept at the main intersection of the first half of the job.  So, while we’re back to the drawing board with the first half of US 231, the second half is chugging along!  Final plans will be delivered in the next couple of months.  Meanwhile, the Orlando Highway Department is busy coordinating quantities both internally and with two sub-consultants and putting the final touches on our first delivered conventional 3D model.  The 3D model covers all of US 231 and the sidestreets through the ditches and tie-downs.