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Importance of Florida Express Lanes

Senior Traffic Engineer Dacha Quintana examines the importance of Express lanes.

Express lanes have become an important part of South Florida roadways. Besides offering a solution for speeding up our daily commutes, these lanes also provide a conduit for Bus Rapid Transit routes – connecting longer distance commuters to their destinations. This encourages a more balanced transportation system.

At BCC, we have led the design of 100 miles of express lanes throughout Florida. I have been fortunate to have been involved in developing the complex signing systems that let motorists know where to get in and out of the lanes, as well as the current rate.  Being industry leaders in the development and deployment of express lanes, I look forward to their future – which I envision to include some form of automated vehicle technology.  Next time you are in a hurry, try them. I am confident they will get you to your destination, faster.