Sea Level Rise Conditions

Director of Water Resources Alex Vazquez shares how BCC is addressing current and future projected sea level and groundwater rise conditions.

To address these conditions, we are working closely with our Municipal and Private clients to assess and implement all applicable, available Resiliency Tools: – Adding backflow preventers – Slip-lining existing drainage pipes to remain

  • Raising roads and seawalls
  • Adding stormwater pump stations
  • Adding on- and off-line pollution control structures
  • Implementing forward pumping on primary canals
  • Adding offline reservoirs
  • Implementing low impact development best management practices (BMPs)

To assess the effectiveness of these Resiliency Tools, BCC implements fully integrated one- and two-dimensional hydrologic/hydraulic hydrodynamic numerical modeling tools such as ICPRV4. We have successfully applied this approach to numerous watersheds and drainage basins, ranging from several hundred acres to over 100 square miles. BCC is currently working with the City of Doral in updating its stormwater master plan to develop a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that addresses a 2050 sea level and groundwater planning horizon.

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