Giving Back

BCC Engineering... This. Is. Us.

At BCC, our philanthropic initiatives are diverse. From cancer and autism research to women and children’s causes, BCC prides itself on being able to contribute to a multitude of causes that lead to a positive impact at a local and national level. 

Often times these causes hit close to home. Whether it is offering time, money, or simply through advocacy, BCC employees are afforded the opportunity to engage with causes they support.

Through our professional work and personal involvements, at BCC we do what we do to make people’s lives better.

American Cancer Society
Boy Scouts of America
De Moya Foundation
Faith’s Place Autism Outreach
Live Like Bella
His House Children’s home
Kristi House
March of Dimes
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Girl Scouts of America
United Way
Habitat for Humanity