"We work relentlessly to ensure BCC Engineering achieves clean, innovative,
and cost effective solutions, while always striving to exceed our customer's expectations."
Jose A. Muñoz, PE
"We strive for excellence no matter the job size. We look at every project as an opportunity to forge life-long relationships with the client.
We also recognize every project has unexpected twists and turns; that's just the nature of our business.
Our ability to be fearless in responding to challenges is what sets us apart."
Ariel Millan, PE
"Working hard just comes naturally to everyone here. Our culture of mutual respect breeds personal excellence.
The end result for clients is delivering the best possible work, and never giving up until solutions are discovered.
For me, that means paying attention to the details of the business to help steadfastly support both our clients and our staff."
Sonia Martinez, CFO
"Our work is extremely demanding, which is also what makes it so professionally rewarding. We push ourselves to master the technical
aspects of projects, strive to always get it right the first time, and take our responsibility to deliver high-quality work seriously."
Luis Rodriguez, PE
"The greatest satisfaction I get is explaining to our first-year engineers that they're not doing homework assignments anymore.
What they're putting on paper is going to be built and used by thousands of people. To actually see that project built is so rewarding.
Daniel Raymat, PE
"We're a solid, tight group - like a family. That's how we started, and that's how we've continued to grow. The ways we support each other
and work together, whether it's across a desk, across departments or throughout the state, are what make BCC Engineering an amazing team."
Manny Raymat
"I believe we're a rising star in this industry. Known for our propensity for large, complex projects, BCC Engineering
is a competitive and highly qualified engineering company. Our rate of growth has been phenomenal thanks
to a team of brilliant minds driven to serve clients with uncompromising standards."
William Garcia, PE
"It's an honor to work for this company. What Ariel and Jose have done is just incredible. They started as a structural design firm,
and are now a highly-regarded full service engineering resource. From solving a turning lane issueat a major intersection
to managing some of the mega-construction projects throughout Florida, we build off our success stories every day."
Ed Colon, PE

“The secret is that we hire the very best people and empower them to push the boundaries. Our engineers are visionaries, who create never–before–seen solutions.”
Wayne R. Waters

"Here, we absolutely break the mold when it comes to your typical engineering firm. It's a special place to work and to do business.
We're a mid-size firm - with a family type atmosphere - working as an expansive team of experts on huge projects. That's just not the norm."
Christopher Roberts, PE
"The nature of our business requires that we provide immediate attention to our clients' urgent needs. My team and I pride ourselves
on being responsive to the highest priority in any given moment; that's just the way we're wired."
Bob Forand, PE
"In other companies, you sometimes navigate several layers of management when making important decisions.
Not here. I have direct access to the firm's owners, so I know I can make a decision quickly, or go straight to the top to get an answer.
That's why we're so flexible and responsive, and our clients love that about us."
Sung-Ryong Han