BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

This Design-Build project involved the construction of approximately 13 miles of express lanes on 2 separate limited access facilities located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Approximately 10 of those 13 miles of express lanes were constructed along SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway), while the remaining three miles of express lanes were constructed along SR 93 (I-75). On SR 826, one to two express lanes in each direction were provided beginning south of West Flagler Street, up to a point south of the NW 154th Street Bridge. On I-75, one express lane was provided in each direction from SR 826 to NW 170th Street. The improvements include widening both SR 826 and I-75, reconstruction on SR 826, new construction on the median of I-75, and an elevated connection from the express lanes on SR 826 to the express lanes on I-75.

BCC was responsible for coordination efforts from months before the NTP to months after the project was completed. Responsibilities included coordination amongst numerous stakeholders and public agencies, management of the design submittal and review process, construction management, schedule analysis, materials testing and certification, project reports, ITS and Toll Systems testing, shop drawing and RFI reviews and certification of monthly payments to the Design-Build Firm.


This project consists of the implementation of tolled express lanes along the SR 826/Palmetto Expressway from Flagler Street to NW 154 Street and along I-75 from SR 826/Palmetto Expressway to NW 170 Street in Miami-Dade County.

Services Provided:



Florida Department of Transportation, District 6


Miami-Dade County, Florida


$272 Million (Design-Build Contract)