BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

PGA Blvd project Consists of the construction of a grade separated structure of SR 786 PGA Blvd over FEC Rail Road and US-1 in Palm Beach Gardens.  The project also included the construction of new flyover ramp connectors from South Bound US-1 to I-95.  The Mian Bridge of PGA over US-1 consisted of Prestressed Concrete U- Beams with aesthetic towers.  The Fly overs consisted of structural steel Box Girders.

BCC personnel’s responsibilities on this project were to provide construction engineering and inspection services, as well as all the necessary administrative functions which allowed our client to determine that the construction activities of the project conformed to the plans, specifications, and contract provisions they established. Our Team provided technical and administrative personnel to ensure that the responsibilities assigned under the contract were effectively carried out in accordance with guides, standards, and procedures.  Additionally, our Firm was responsible for assuring that the contractor and design consultants charged with the responsibility to perform the obligations outlined by our client were met or exceeded.  For example, we were the responsible party for monitoring all the sampling/testing processes on the project and issuing material certifications as required, as well as managing all MOT shifts. We also played a pivotal role in establishing an effective communication approach that insured all stakeholders were informed of the Project’s progress in a timely manner. BCC personnel reviewed all the contractor’s required submittals, such as shop drawings and product cut sheet approval. Our team was also accountable for ensuring that the contractor met all the project timelines and milestones as established by the FDOT, as well as providing proactive coordination of all construction activities and their impact on the public and/or adjacent Projects.  In short, our Team provided our FDOT with comprehensive CEI Services that resulted in the successful completion of the Project on time and within budget.

PGA Boulevard and US 1

The intersection of PGA Boulevard (SR 786) and Old Dixie Highway (SR 811) and its proximity to I-95 is a convergence of urban arterials that currently service in excess of 80,000 vehicle trips per day.  This Project consisted of the total reconstruction of the intersection, as well as providing for the replacement of all structures located within the Project parameters.

Services Provided:



Florida Department of Transportation, District 4


Palm Beach, Florida


$33 Million (Construction Contract)