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This high-profile design-build project includes the design and construction of the new southbound I-275 (SR 93) Howard Frankland Bridge over Tampa Bay and the removal of the existing northbound bridge built in the 1960s. The existing southbound bridge will be converted to handle northbound traffic. The project undertakes major additions and changes to the existing roadway system by adding express lanes, improving existing roadways, enhancing safety, adding capacity and mobility, and accommodating future light rail. The new bridge is over 3 miles long, located in a highly sensitive environment, subject to vessel collision forces, and has unique challenging soil conditions. The following are some highlights of the new bridge structure:

  • Largest bridge in the state of Florida with over 2.6 million square feet of bridge deck area
  • 113 spans consisting of 1726 Florida-I beams totaling over 241,000 LF
  • 44 hammerhead piers for the high-level spans, and 180 multi-column piers for the low-level spans
  • 3006 ~ 30-inch square prestressed concrete piles with varying lengths of 62 ft to 220 ft.
  • Designed for vessel collision forces up to 2000 kips
  • Provides a shared-use path connecting Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties
  • Four intermediate full span highly aesthetic scenic overlooks to enhance the pedestrian experience
  • The bridge will have a barrier separated 12 ft wide shared-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians on the north side.
  • Pier mounted overhead sign structures
  • 13,000 LF of anchored bulk-head wall

The project also includes two single-span shared use path bridges, a 1040 ft long elevated walkway structure, temporary and permanent walls, overhead sign structures, and toll facilities.

BCC was the Lead Designer for this project and provided design services for Structures, Roadway, Drainage, Lighting, ITS, Utilities, Signing & Pavement Markings, Maintenance of Traffic and Environmental Permitting

I-275 Howard Frankland Bridge

The primary goal of this high-profile design-build project is to replace the existing northbound (1959) bridge to add capacity and alleviate traffic congestion on the most traveled bridge across the Tampa Bay. The new bridge will provide four general purpose lanes and two tolled express lanes in each direction.

Services Provided:

Highway Design
Transportation Structures
Traffic Engineering Operations
Water Resources


Florida Department of Transportation, District 7


Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, Florida


$865 Million