BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

The services under this contract include planning, civil site, drainage improvements, landscaping, passive parks, construction documents, budgeting, approval, permitting, bidding, construction, and final project closeout. The City retained BCC based on our experience with drainage canal systems and South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) regulations, City Engineering Standards, City’s Planning, Zoning requirements, and Community Redevelopment Areas.  BCC was also retained to provide technical services for on-site construction inspection, certify construction to technical specifications, monitor project schedule, review pay applications, and support project management activities.

Some of the key task orders assigned to BCC under this contract are:

  • NW 38th Av Improvements from NW 15th to NW 19th St CEI
  • Lauderhill Stormwater Management and Flood Protection Master Plan
  • City of Lauderhill Alternate Water Supply Plan

City of Lauderhill GEC

The City of Lauderhill is located within the east-central portion of Broward County, FL and covers a total area of approximately 8.51 square miles.  The city retained BCC to provide land development, civil-site, drainage, construction inspection services under their Miscellaneous Professional Engineering Services Contract.

Services Provided:

Building Structures
Utility Engineering
Water Resources


City of Lauderhill


Broward County, Florida