BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

BCC Engineering provided analysis, design, construction management and inspection for this project which consisted of over 1 mile of roadway rehabilitation, reconstruction, and widening for this well-traveled collector.  Many challenges required construction engineering, including the addition of an 60ft x 6ft concrete gravity retaining wall to solve erosion issues at a tributary crossing.

This roadway directly serves many residents, subdivisions, and pass-through traffic.  The largest challenge and success was preserving a beautiful, yet narrow, tree-canopy corridor while reconstructing and widening Blondy Jhune Road. Further, during construction, we maintained one lane open at all times, even in the 22 ft wide tree canopy area, as well as access to every property along the corridor.

Responsibilities include the design of roadway geometry, revising horizontal and vertical curves for safety (where required), intersection details, open system drainage analysis & design with culvert crossings, signing & pavement markings, traffic control plans, environmental permits, Right-of-Way (ROW), and easement delineation with parcel legal sketches, and construction inspection/contract management.

Blondy Jhune Road Rehabilitation

Blondy Jhune Road is a very unique and beloved 1.6 mile corridor in the City of Lucas. BCC Engineering was chosen to design and manage the construction of this delicate reconstruction and widening project as we are known for excellent stakeholder communication and innovative alternatives.

Services Provided:

Highway Design
Water Resources


City of Lucas


Lucas, Texas