Gustavo Llanos, PE

Structures Division Manager

“The biggest key to BCC’s success is their family atmosphere. In any occupation, there are always challenges and difficult times. What makes navigating those times easier, is having people you enjoy working with and the support they provide. There isn’t a group of people that I would rather go to work with every day.”

Gustavo Llanos

Gustavo A. Llanos, PE, leads BCC Engineering’s Tampa Structures Department and acts as Structures Manager for projects throughout Florida.

Throughout his career, he has worked on transportation structures ranging from short-span flat slab bridges, AASHTO girder and Florida-I beam bridges, and continuous steel plate girder bridges. His design experience also includes the design of retaining walls and miscellaneous support structures.

Llanos started at BCC immediately after finishing his master’s degree and has spent his entire career at BCC. Throughout his career he has embraced BCC’s dedication to delivering the highest quality of work, maintaining a family atmosphere and providing mentorship for staff.