Daniel Raymat, PE

Director of Structures

“The greatest satisfaction I get is explaining to our first-year engineers that they’re not doing homework assignments anymore. What they’re putting on paper is going to be built and used by thousands of people. To actually see that project built is so rewarding. It makes working endless nights to figure out designs completely worth it.”

Daniel Raymat

Daniel Raymat, PE, joined BCC Engineering in 2004 and is one of the firm’s longest-tenured employees. He currently leads the Miami office Structures practice. Since he first joined the firm, Raymat has embraced its entrepreneurial philosophy, which is to always take a fresh perspective and not accept that things must be done the way they’ve typically been done.

He thrives on challenging conventional designs and claims BCC’s success on the design of a South Florida interchange at State Road 826 (Palmetto Expressway) and State Road 874 as an example of the company’s progressive thinking. Instead of trying to redesign the interchange that was already in place, Raymat and his team considered the project a blank slate and designed it from the ground up. The work saved the Florida Department of Transportation more than $50 million and accelerated the construction schedule by two years.

Raymat is one of the most prolific and sought-after bridge designers in Florida. In his career, he’s had a hand in designing more than 70 bridges. This includes working on many of the more than 50 bridge projects that have been awarded to BCC Engineering in the past five years. He and his team are focused on strict quality control and believe that this, along with BCC’s stellar reputation, allows clients a high level of confidence with any bridge project entrusted to the firm.

Constantly looking for changes in new and better ways to design, Danny’s work ethic, engineering expertise, and creative approach have helped to set BCC Engineering apart from its competition — especially when it comes to bridges and structures in Florida.