BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

BCC is the prime consultant handling the extensive coordination that will be required on this project as well as developing the roadway geometry not only for Okeechobee Road which will be reconstructed with rigid pavement, but also for the complex interchange at NW 87th Avenue where Okeechobee Road will elevate to a third-level, while second-level flyovers will provide access points to and from NW 87th Avenue and Okeechobee Road followed by surface level connections to the Frontage Road at NW 87th Avenue. Okeechobee Road, Frontage Road and several other arterials such as NW 103rd Street, NW 87th Avenue, NW South River and NW 106th Street will also be reconstructed.

BCC Engineering was the Lead Designer responsible for managing the design team. BCC developed the overall concept, roadway geometry and final plans, in addition to supervising the Structural, Signing & Pavement Markings, Signalization, ITS and Drainage Design.

SR 25 Okeechobee Road from East of NW 116th Way to East of NW 87 Ave

This project consists of the final design for the largest segment of the Okeechobee Road corridor. This project includes the reconstruction of Okeechobee Road and design of third-level bridges over NW 87th Avenue and second-level flyover bridges to and from Okeechobee Road and NW 87th Avenue.

Services Provided:

Highway Design
Water Resources


Florida Department of Transportation, District 6


Miami-Dade County, Florida