BCC Engineering Merges with Heath & Lineback

BCC has been providing structural project management and design services for two cycles of this continuing services, Task Work Order (TWO) based contract. The District 6 territory spans to include the State’s most densely populated and urbanized area (Miami), as well as some of the most rural and environmentally pristine environments (Florida Keys, Everglades) in the country. The District also includes the Port of Miami – the number one cruise/passenger port in the world, the largest container port in Florida, and a key contributor to the State’s economy and commerce. These factors, along with the region’s exposure to severe weather and coastal conditions, combine to create a bridge maintenance dynamic literally unlike any other in the world. Services under this contact included 36 TWO’s over the span of the past 12 years, ranging the full gamut of structure types from major bridges such as concrete segmental and Category 2 steel, to short span off-system flat slab structures. Rehabilitation techniques included traditional repairs (concrete cracks, spalls, delamination), structural steel (restoration of section loss), steel coating (repainting), and innovative materials such as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and all three types of Cathodic Protection (impressed current, galvanic cell, zinc-metalizing). Additional highlights include:

  • Assignments involving the highest level of Maintenance of Traffic considerations, such as the Downtown Miami Distributor and the Golden Glades interchange (high-traffic, limited-access facilities) and repair projects along the Overseas Highway (critical facility, no alternative routes).
  • Unique assignments such as restoring the 2.9 mile long, historic Old Seven Mile Bridge to a world-class pedestrian facility used to access Pigeon Key and involved enhanced public outreach efforts and support during construction.
  • Supporting the Department’s efforts to prioritize and optimize their Work Program, such as addressing segmental bridge needs, preservation of post-tensioning, and evaluating life-cycle cost-benefit (repair vs. replacement).

Overall, BCC’s track record of delivering this important contract on schedule, on budget, and with quality has earned recognition ranging from an FDOT average grade of 4.2 out of 5 to projects such as the Boca Chica Road bridge repair being featured in Roads and Bridges Magazine.

FDOT D6 Districtwide Bridge Repair/Rehabilitation Plans Preparation Contract

Continuing services contract for the repair and rehabilitation of existing bridges throughout Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

Services Provided:

Transportation Structures


Florida Department of Transportation, District 6, Bridge Maintenance Division


Miami-Dade & Monroe Counties, Florida