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BCC’s experience in ITS and lighting started with a very experienced team. Our team members have worked within the industry for over 2 decades. Our ITS team leaders have experiences that range from serving as FDOT District ITS network administrator, ITS integration contractor, engineering consultants and ITS maintenance project management.  The BCC Team has a vision that: ITS will expand to other technology disciplines like Smart Cities. Within Smart Cities, Smart LED Lighting is already here. That’s why we are also devoting our resources in LED lighting design. The addition of the lighting discipline has also expanded to the portfolio of our Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) group.

BCC has delivered some of the following key technologies::

• Express Lanes
• Adaptive Traffic Signals and Advance Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)
• Smart Parking Systems, for both light vehicles and trucks
• Dynamic Message Signs
• Fiber Optic and Wireless Networks
• CCTV Systems
• Vehicle Detection and Travel Time sensors
• Highway Advisory Radio
• Roadway Weather Station
• Construction Management and Inspection for all ITS systems
• Highway LED Lighting (new and retrofit)
• Municipal / City LED Lighting


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