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Palmetto Section 5 – 2 Year Anniversary

Celebrating two years since the grand opening and final completion of one of the most impacting transportation projects in Miami-Dade County – The SR 836/SR 826 Interchange Reconstruction Project – Palmetto Section 5. In the heart of Miami-Dade County, this $580 million design-build project consisted of the reconstruction of one of the busiest interchanges in Florida. With over 500,000 vehicles traversing the facility on a daily basis, it took skilled coordination and oversight to design and build this four-level system-to-system interchange consisting of 47 bridges, including four segmental directional flyover ramps. The launching gantries became a symbol of this great project and of the ingenuity of our team allowing us to build the project without shutting down the facility.

This video is dedicated to Armando de Moya, our friend, visionary, our mentor.