John Kramer, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

“When I joined BCC, I was overwhelmed by the spirit of cooperation and the culture of excellence. I’ve experienced that my coworkers act like owners and that mindset leads them to achieve lofty goals. Additionally, executive leadership is willing to invest resources to do things the right way. In addition to my fiduciary responsibility, I view my role as one that serves two sets of clients. We need to take care of our clients administratively and also provide support to our coworkers who win work and deliver innovative solutions.”

John Kramer

John has joined BCC as the Chief Financial Officer. He is a CPA with 25 years of experience in the Design/Construction industry. He has served in corporate and operations roles providing leadership and strategic direction in complex matrix organizations. His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, systems implementation, leading a shared services organization, and establishing corporate governance policies.

John has worked in multiple countries as a trusted advisor to CEOs and CFOs. He has developed and led multi-national finance organizations and has leveraged traditional overhead functions to create significant shareholder value. In his role, he manages Finance & Accounting, Legal, IT, and Human resources.

John was attracted to BCC because of its outstanding reputation and commitment to making clients successful.