BCC Engineering's staff works together as a family, supporting each other and sharing the firm's distinct characteristics with every team member. As they shape the culture of the firm today, they are creating a blueprint for success tomorrow.

As both visionaries and trailblazers, Jose and Ariel manage the firm and are also project leaders deeply involved in the project design process to be sure every project is completed to the high standards of quality and value that are expected from the firm. Here, everyone in the firm shares a passion for doing whatever it takes to get a job done right, and not being constrained by how things have been done in the past.

Muñoz and Millan have an unconventional philosophy about hiring people, starting with their involvement in every hiring decision the firm makes. While other firms sometimes make number of years on the job as the best criteria for gaining seniority, that's not the BCC way. Muñoz and Millan take a personal interest in identifying, hiring, and - most importantly - mentoring talented, energetic, and smart engineers, often early in their careers. By knowing what they're looking for as they pinpoint the people who will continue to shape the identity of the firm, BCC has created a culture where the status quo is, in fact, to challenge the status quo.
Jose Muñoz, PE
Ariel Millan, PE
Luis Rodriguez, PE
Daniel Raymat, PE
Jesper Kanold
Manny Raymat
William Garcia, PE
Ed Colon, PE
Wayne R. Waters
Christopher Roberts, PE
Bob Forand, PE
Sung-Ryong Han
Christian Aquino, PE
Erik Spillmann, PE
Boyd Jenkins, PE
Sonia Martinez